Main focus of numerology

Learning how the Life Path number, Daily number, Hidden number and Personal Year number will effect emotions and thinking and events of daily life, career, personal relationships, romantic relationships, spiritual path and the main lessons to learn during a Personal Year based on the secret vibration related to numbers.  

numerology effects daily life

The sacred energy vibration reflected from the number of the current day including the day we were born, generally shows how we interact with our co-workers, bosses, business partners, romantic partners, friends, and family members.  Numbers effect our feeling, thinking and how we related to situations, issues, actions and re-actions, and main focus each day.  Certain numbers flow and work together, where other numbers conflict each other.  Numbers helps us to become aware and conscious of our actions and emotions that we experience each day including areas of our life that we need to improve and make changes to experience a more productive and peaceful day.