What is Vedic astrology

Jyotish is the science of light and the wisdom of the Universal Laws that govern our lives on Earth.  The word for planets in Sanskrit is "Grahas" meaning to grab, grasp, hold or pull us to certain areas of life where our karma unfolds throughout our lifetimes on Earth that potentially leads us to higher levels of self awareness & spiritual evolution of our Soul.  The Sanskrit word Karma means "action" and Sanatana Dharma means the Eternal Truth of our actions.  The Sun relates to our soul's purpose & duty; without the constant giving power of the Sun, we would have no life on Earth; The Moon relates to our deepest emotions & thinking showing our capacity to connect to others on a more deeper level; Mars shows our level of discipline, courage and self-control; Mercury relates to our communication skills and the ability to be flexible and curious; Jupiter relates to our level of hope and faith & what we believe showing our capacity to be inspired in life; Saturn relates to our ability to endure during challenging times showing how we handle daily routines & structure with integrity; Venus relates to our desires to connect with others to enjoy life including where we learn mutual respect & tolerance of others; And the powerful invisible energy forces that rotate around our Moon-The Nodes of the Moon: Rahu & Ketu effect the mind & emotions on the subconscious level showing our past and present life karma.

What is ayurveda

Ayurveda in the ancient holistic health teaching from the Atharvavada- one of the Limbs of the Vedas.  Based on our exact birth date, time & location, shows our health karma unfolding in this life time on Earth, also relates to our past life health karma.  Ayurveda system consists of 3 Doshas: Kapha related to Water in the body; Pitta related to Fire in the body; and Vata related to Air in the body.  When 1 of these doshas or 2 or all 3 are out of balance, that causes disease in the body, mind and spirit.  Ayurveda focuses on the detoxing & rejuvenation of the Body-Tamas, Mind-Rajas, and Spirit-Satwa.